How to Choose the Right Chinese Gong


A Chinese gong is a complex instrument designed to provide much-needed audible diversity. Since this instrument is complex, you have to know how to choose the right one. If you are looking for a chinese gong as your sound healing instrument, there is a need to understand the important therapeutic qualities to consider. Are you looking for a sensory experience that is deep-rooted? Or your aim is to find whimsical tranquility and peace? Once you know your therapeutic needs, you can easily choose the best gong that suits your healing practices.

Your Healing Needs

There is a need to purchase a Chinese gong that matches your healing needs. If your aim is relaxation, then you should find a gong that provides a range of responsiveness and sounds. This is the case with those who practice yoga. If you are a sound therapist, then you should get a gong that has an impact on the chakras. The heavier and larger Chinese gongs are designed for shamanic healers.

Level of Playing Ability

You need to consider the level of your playing ability. Remember that there are Chinese gongs both for beginners and professionals. Gongs that are small in size are difficult to move around and control. On the other hand, large gongs need the ability to move the metal skillfully whenever you strike. If you are a beginner, you should go for symphonic gongs as they are easy and simple to play. Experienced players can go for tuned gongs.

Travel Needs

Maybe you will be traveling with your Chinese gong occasionally. You need to know that traveling with a larger gong can be tedious. Large gongs should be limited to local travel. Thus, you should avoid gongs that are larger than 32 inches. For air travel, choose gongs below 32 inches in size. Also, they should weigh less than 20 lbs.

Traveling with a gong also comes with an additional cost. For instance, air travel requires hard cases for gongs. These will cost more money. Moreover, you might need a stand and a bag. You can acquire cheaper gong bags for car travel. These are simple to assemble and disassemble.


It is advisable to consider the durability of your Chinese gong. Most gongs on the market will outlive you. Remember that the relationship you have with your gong is emotional and personal. This means you should go for the gong that you need. Think of it like being in love. Nevertheless, the relationship you have with your gong is likely to outlive all your other relationships.


You should not be satisfied with a single gong. Just like you have family and friends, gongs to love company. Also, gongs are different and serve a range of purposes. Thus, you might end up buying another gong to complement your current one. For instance, if you have a larger gong, you should consider getting a smaller one to use whenever you travel.


If you are not sure of what to look for in a Chinese going, you should consult an expert. Follow the above tips to make the right decision. Sometimes you might need to carry out extensive research and testing with different frequencies and sounds.


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