All you Need to Know about Robot SDK


Do you know what a robot SDk is? Do you know why you should use one? It tends to be a hard decision when it comes to choosing between programming offline or online. But according to findings, it has shown that offline programming is the real deal when it comes to robot development. With offline programming, you have the opportunity to program both online and offline which makes it a double win option for you.

Now, there is a slight problem! If you are considering using an offline programming system, which one should it be? Would you be considering an SDK robot chassis and why? In this article you would find out what a robot SDK is and also the qualities of a good robot SDK. Stay glued!

What is a Robot SDK?

Before going into what a robot SDK is, don’t you think it is best to understand what an SDK is? SDK is an acronym for software development kit. A software development kit would be of help when you want to select out of numerous programming languages. For example, if you want to design an Android application, you have to make use of softwares from the android SDK.

It is simply a software environment to help ensure that you do not run out of the best tools that can give you the best results. A software development kit is very important for any individual who wants to build a robot. We would look at the qualities of a good SDK but let’s check out some of the problems associated with it.

Problems Associated with SDK’s

They are limited in functions

These SDKs are sometimes designed to interact with a particular type of robot. They could also be limited to the development of specific applications. This quality makes them inflexible and might not be considered by some developers.

Note that not all SDKs have this problem so you are still on the right track considering an SDK. Let’s see some of the qualities of a good SDK.

Qualities of a Good SDK

They have a large variety of programming languages to choose from

Having multiple languages to choose from is one of the greatest desires of developers. Having different languages saves you the stress of writing bulky codes and all. These SDKs can provide you with a variety of languages ranging from c++ to python, Matlab, etc.

You can use for development of other robots

Do not forget that we listed this as part of the problems before. But, with the newer SDK model, you can work on multiple projects without a hassle. It is not limited to a specific type of robot or hardware component.

It can work with other softwares

The ability for it to integrate with other softwares is a big plus for the developer.


You shouldn’t be spending heavily to purchase an SDK. Some brands are quite affordable and should therefore be considered.


Having seen all of these, you now know some of the problems associated with an SDK and also some qualities of a good SDK. No doubt, as a robotics developer you should incorporate the use of SDK. Although, choosing the right one may be difficult because it’s a major choice, you can anticipate using the SDK for many hours, days, weeks, and even years. Since all options offer various advantages, you should select anyone that suits your needs perfectly.


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