Understanding the Pros and Cons of Waiter Robots


If you are running a restaurant, then you know you cannot be successful minus labor. Unfortunately, labor shortages continue to hit this industry hard. Entrepreneurs are now embracing technology to help fix this problem. The waiter robot is one of the most creative ways of providing casual or full service in restaurants and hotels.

These are automated machines that direct people to their tables and even serve them their dishes. They have become popular for solving staff-crisis problems and reducing monotonous tasks that most waiters find boring. Although robotics waiters are not new, technological advancements have made many restaurant owners consider them. However, this does not mean they are the right solution for everyone. Before opting for a waiter robot, you should know its pros and cons.


Increased Efficiency

As you know, a robot does not get tired. This means a robotic waiter can handle more than a human being can. Also, it helps free up workers and engage customers with the aim of improving customer satisfaction.

Reduces Staff Burnout

The truth is that serving can be quite tedious. Fortunately, with the waiter robot doing the heavy lifting, your staff work the entire shift without experiencing burnout. In addition, your staff can have more time for interacting with customers.


When you consider the average wage for waiters, you can agree that a waiter robot is the best bargain. Depending on your location, the average wage for a waiter is about $10 per hour. If you use the waiter robot daily, you can serve more customers and still save a lot of money on wages. Moreover, the robot does not need time off or employee benefits.

Attract Business

The truth is that people are easily attracted by emerging trends. You can market your restaurant by letting your potential customers know that you have waiter robots. This will attract more customers and create a circular effect. You will discover that your guests take photos and videos of the robot and post them on their social media pages. In this way, they market your services for free.


Only Indoor Operations

Most waiter robots only operate indoors. This is because of the harsh weather that can impact their functionality. Since most of them consist of electrical and electronic parts, they cannot be exposed to weather elements, such as snow and rain.

Expensive to Buy

Buying a waiter robot is not cheap. It is only beneficial to your business when you use it frequently. It is advisable to use it for at least six hours daily to realize its advantages. If you have a large restaurant, this is quite easy. However, it might not be suitable for smaller restaurants. Make sure you estimate the number of customers you serve daily before buying.


Waiter robots are not new. In fact, they are widely used in some countries. These waiters do not have all the skills a human waiter has. However, not all restaurant roles require a human touch and conversational skills. If you are struggling to get staff, you should be open to trying waiter robots.


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